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Free Delivery

Free Delivery

We cover the cost of your Aurora to-and-from your door. Avoid the hassle of shipping costs Australia-wide when you purchase an Aurora.
30 Day Money-back Guarantee

30 Day Money-back Guarantee

We take the risk out of purchasing an Aurora with our 30-day money-back guarantee. If you're not happy with your Aurora, return it within the time period and be refunded.

Aurora Red Light Products

  • ARL Plus+ with Floor Stand

    RRP $1899
    Sale Price $1599
    With the ARL Plus+ and matching floor stand, you can fully enjoy the benefits of red light therapy.
  • The ARL Plus +

    RRP $1799
    Sale Price $1499
    With the ARL Plus+ you can take the full advantages of red light therapy.
  • The ARL Mini

    RRP $999
    Sale Price $799
    Compact and versatile the ARL Mini works wonders, even in the cosiest of spaces.
  • Aurora 360° Stand

    RRP $899
    Sale Price $649
    The Aurora 360° Stand can be used with up to 4 ARL Plus+ devices simultaneously.
  • Aurora Floor Stand

    RRP $149
    Sale Price $99
    The Aurora Floor Stand is only used with the ARL Plus+.

Here's what to expect when you purchase an Aurora.

With Aurora, you get premium red-light therapy products perfect for any home. Once you have tried an Aurora, you won't want to use any other device for your wellness.
If our 30-day money-back guarantee doesn't provide you with enough confidence in our quality, simply reach out to our team. You can contact us directly with any questions you may have about the products. Please be known that our team is Clearlight Saunas International.

Why does Aurora produce results?

All Aurora red-light therapy devices contain both red-light and near-infrared LEDs. These individual LEDs can either be turned on one at a time or concurrently, depending on your preference.

Our red-light therapy devices emit virtually no detectable electromagnetic frequency (EMF) levels and are entirely safe for the home or workplace environment.

Also, we include a 2-year warranty on our products to ensure that you get the long-lasting benefits of red light therapy.

In the unlikely case that something should go wrong with your device, the issue will be fixed at our cost within the warranty period.

Is Aurora safe?

Aurora red light therapy has undergone vigorous scientific assessment and has been used as a form of medical, cosmetic, and holistic treatment for some time now. To ensure complete safety, users are recommended to follow all the stipulated guidelines.

You don’t have to worry about wearing a mask to protect your face during treatment. In general, closing your eyes offers full protection. Goggles are also included with every device order if you don’t want to expose your eyes to the emitted red and infrared light.

If you do have an eye condition or are experiencing any discomfort, consult your doctor prior to treatment.

Why people are choosing Aurora?

The beauty industry has been using red light therapy for a long time to sustainably improve the skin and achieve a natural anti-aging effect. Aurora increases your oxygen levels and blood circulation, which can greatly assist in repairing damaged skin tissue.

Also, Aurora may increase the production of collagen - which provides more stability in bone and skin - and have a positive impact on skin conditions such as acne or cellulite.

If you have any ongoing conditions or abnormalities with your skin consult a health care professional.