Introducing the ARL Plus+

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Try the ARL Plus+ extensively with our 30-day guarantee.

Perfect for full-body treatments

The largest product from the Aurora range thrives when it comes to full-body red light therapy. With the ARL Plus+ you can perfectly irradiate entire sections of your body for fast and effective treatments.

Boasting modern lens technology that offer a unique thirty degrees focal point, the ARL Plus+ ensures that the red light waves penetrate your body with maximum efficiency to optimise cellular operation.

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Minimal EMF exposure

With the ARL Plus+ you never have to worry about excessive electromagnetic frequency (EMF) exposure.

All Aurora products meet the highest quality and safety standards so that you can completely relax and let go during your therapy.

As an added bonus, you get eye protection goggles included with every device.

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Versatile use and choice of therapies

Perfect for full-body treatments, hanging your ARL Plus+ from your bedroom door offers both space-saving and practical usage. Adjusting height is simple with the easy-to-use dolly system. Stand or sit depending on your intended treatment.

The ARL Plus+ is ideal for setting up your red light therapy treatments at home, helping you convert any home space into a holistic wellness room.

In addition to the red light (660 nm) of the ARL Plus+, you can also experience the health benefits of near-infrared radiation (850 nm) with this device. The therapy device has two different switches so that you can choose either therapy option alone or both together.

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How big is the ARL Mini device?

The dimensions of the ARL MINI are 26.5 x 22 x 6.5 cm

How safe are the Aurora products?

All Aurora therapy devices are tested rigorously to meet our highest safety standards. When the devices are properly used, you will experience no adverse side effects.

What if my device doesn't function properly?

As a customer of Aurora, you have both a 30-day money-back guarantee after purchase as well as a 2-year warranty on every product. If any product does not meet your expectations, contact us immediately and we will try to work out a satisfactory solution.

What effects does Aurora have?

Aurora has numerous benefits which include increased energy production, enhanced performance, better skin quality, lower (chronic) stress levels, faster recovery time, and much more. More information about the health benefits of red lighting therapy can be found here.

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    RRP $1899
    Sale Price $1599
    With the ARL Plus+ and matching floor stand, you can fully enjoy the benefits of red light therapy.
  • The ARL Plus +

    RRP $1799
    Sale Price $1499
    With the ARL Plus+ you can take the full advantages of red light therapy.
  • The ARL Mini

    RRP $999
    Sale Price $799
    Compact and versatile the ARL Mini works wonders, even in the cosiest of spaces.
  • Aurora 360° Stand

    RRP $899
    Sale Price $649
    The Aurora 360° Stand can be used with up to 4 ARL Plus+ devices simultaneously.