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On this page you will find out everything you need to know about Aurora’s innovative red light technology. There are some fundamental differences between our ground-breaking red light therapy devices and more conventional red light lamps.

What Are The Health Benefits?

Aurora red light therapy (RLT), which covers both full red light and near-infrared wavelengths, produces the same infrared heat emitted by the sun while offering a dynamic range of health benefits. Aurora works by using red low-level wavelengths of light, emitted from light towers, saunas or even handheld devices, to produce a biochemical effect in cells. These wavelengths penetrate approximately 5 millimetres below the skin’s surface to increase cellular productivity and effectiveness.

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How To Use Aurora Devices?

Once you have placed your Aurora therapy device in its desired location and switched it on, follow these steps for optimal results: Avoid wearing clothes, applying make-up, or covering your body in any way. Aurora works best when applied to exposed skin as any clothing will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. Swimwear or thin underwear can be worn while still achieving fantastic results. Contact lenses should also be taken out before treatment.

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How Does It Work?

Aurora red light therapy devices emit visible light wavelengths in the range of 600 to 660 nanometres (nm). Our innovative near-infrared light technology also offers treatment in the 800 to 860 nm range for a deeper penetrating effect that offers a far greater range of health benefits than standard red light lamps Aurora works by operating through photobiomodulation: the conversion of light energy into electrochemical energy. Photobiomodulation increases adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in cells and provides the necessary energy to drive cellular processes.

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How safe is consumer-grade red light therapy?

Consumer-grade red light therapy is completely safe and in no way dangerous when used correctly.

Red light therapy produces the same infrared light waves emitted by the sun to produce a biochemical effect in cells. Our devices omit the harmful ultraviolet (UV) light waves contained in sun rays and reproduce the safe and beneficial effects of sunlight on the skin.

Unlike exposure to sunlight, the light waves emitted by Aurora therapy devices does not contain any vitamin D. This means that you never run the risk of sunburn or heat stroke during treatment 

If you still have any concerns or specific questions about near-infrared and red light therapy, please do not hesitate to contact us - we look forward to it!

What are the health benefits of red light therapy?

Red light therapy has a number of positive effects on your health. Here we summarize the most important benefits according to the latest science:

  1. Pain Relief
  2. Reductions of inflammation in the body
  3. Skin rejuvenation (increases in collagen and elastin production)
  4. Muscle Regeneration and Strengthening
  5. Improved thyroid health
  6. Increased testosterone production and sexual wellness
  7. Improved sleep quality and Circadian Rhythm
  8. Reduced Stress and Improved Mental Health
  9. Performance Enhancement
  10. Detoxification

How often should I ideally use red light therapy?

A 15-minute session of red light therapy once per day provides optimal results. When treating a specific injury or area of discomfort, you can use red light therapy multiple times per day.  If so, allow a 6-hour break between each therapy session. This will ensure that you get the best results out of your red light device.

In order to optimise the health benefits of red light therapy, no more than 3 days per week should be skipped. If you’re short on time, even a brief session of a few minutes will suffice.

What is the difference between red light therapy and a traditional red light lamp?

Aurora devices emit high-intensity light at specific red and infrared wavelengths that traditional red light lamps simply can’t match.

In Europe, traditional red light lamps are very popular and are mainly used for sinus infections or muscular tension.

These types of red light lamps produce numerous health benefits when used regularly yet they don’t have nearly the same effect and intensity as Aurora’s unique red light and near-infrared light technology.

Have the health effects of red light therapy been scientifically researched?

The health benefits of red light therapy are well-documented and continues to be the subject of numerous clinical trials and research papers. This growing body of scholarship verifies the efficacy and safety of this treatment while also offering many promising avenues for further research. You can find a summary of various studies here.

Do I need a mask for red light therapy?

No, you don’t need to wear a mask when undergoing red light therapy treatment. In fact, the red light emitted from Aurora therapy devices can even have a positive effect on your eyes:  accelerating the healing eye injuries; reducing inflammation; and protecting against vision loss. If you do experience any eye sensitivity, goggles are also included with every device order.

How does red light therapy affect my sleep?

Clinical research suggests that red light therapy can improve the length and quality of your sleep and help you produce more of the sleep hormone melatonin.

Light plays an important role in the sleep cycle. The body’s internal clock is set by exposure to light which dictates your overall waking and sleeping times. Certain colours, such as white and blue, stimulate the photosensitive cells in your retinas and signal to your brain that it is not yet time to sleep.

Red light therapy is easily processed by the retinas and soothes the senses. Depending on the time of day, it can heighten your energy levels or work with your circadian rhythm to produce melatonin.

Does red light therapy help counter depression?

Recent studies have highlighted the potential for red light therapy to improve mental health.

Increased exposure to light is a proven antidepressant, particularly during the darker periods of the year. 

In particular, red light therapy improves blood circulation and oxygen availability that may have a cleansing effect of the brain: reducing stress, negative thoughts, and general discomfort. Just one single treatment is enough to produce a positive effect for users and repeated sessions can offer numerous long-term health benefits.

More so, red light therapy may even be able to treat more severe brain injuries and conditions. There is growing evidence that red light treatment may reduce the size and severity of brain injury and stroke, as well as diminish damage and physiological symptoms in, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Parkinson disease, and even dementia.The number of health conditions that red light can treat is continually expanding and mental health is one of the most exciting new frontiers.

Can red light therapy aid my weight loss?

Due to red light therapy’s beneficial effects on sleep quality, mental health, hormonal balance, and energy production, it can indirectly help you lose weight.

Red light therapy leaves you feeling cleansed and more energised,  allowing you to exercise more and avoid unhealthy foods.

Will red light therapy improve my skin quality?

The beauty industry has been using red light therapy for a long time to sustainably improve the skin and achieve a natural anti-aging effect. Red light therapy increases your oxygen levels and blood circulation, which can greatly assist in repairing and regenerating damaged skin tissue. This process also targets inflammation and reduces any visible signs of damage on your skin.

Also, red light therapy may increase your body’s production of collagen - which provides more stability in bone and skin - and reduce the severity of skin conditions such as acne or cellulite.

What is the difference between red light and blue light therapy?

Red light therapy and blue light therapy each offer slightly different types of treatment. This is because every specific light wavelength, covering all the colours of the spectrum, exerts a unique effect on the cells of the body. Blue and red light both produce beneficial effects on skin cells but in different ways.

Red light therapy stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, helping cells reproduce at a faster rate to reduce inflammation and skin discolouration while blue light therapy penetrates pores and eliminates bacteria.

It’s incorrect to regard one form of light therapy as superior to the other. Both forms of light therapy can be used to treat skin conditions and can even be used in combination. 

In the evening, however, red light therapy is far preferable as it supports a healthy sleep pattern and won’t over stimulate your senses.

Are the Aurora devices better than a red light therapy "tanning" bed?

Aurora devices are much more space-efficient and a lot more affordable than the more conventional red light therapy beds. These beds occupy a large space in a room, like in a solarium, and require you to lie down.

With an Aurora device, however, you get complete exposure to red light treatment without the hassle of bulky beds or structures. An Aurora device lets you target specific areas on your body and gives you the freedom to enjoy red light therapy in your home.

What makes the lamps (LEDs) of the Aurora devices for red light therapy so special?

Aurora devices boast cutting-edge lens technology that offer a unique thirty degrees optical output. This ensures that the red light waves penetrate your body with maximum efficiency to optimise cellular operation.

Is it best to use red light therapy before or after your workout?

It is entirely your preference if you use light therapy before or after a workout. Treatment before a workout provides you with more energy, enhanced performance, and promotes muscle elasticity.

Alternatively, treatment following exercise accelerates muscle regeneration and substantially shortens the recovery phase. In this case, red light treatment immediately after a strenuous workout offers the best possible outcome as it quickly shifts your body into repairing damaged cells and building muscle mass.

When you use your Aurora therapy device is entirely up to you and both options offer a plethora of health benefits.

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